Is the body really made from plants?

It is.  One of the very unique features of the Bolt is it's body.  Besides it's distinctive, aerodynamic styling, it's also made from plants.  Since we are building a vehicle with no emissions, we also wanted to make the production as healthy and environmentally friendly as possible.   We spent hundreds of hours coming up with a combination of materials that would be good for us and the planet, and still provide a lightweight, strong and durable shell that is very forgiving to bumps and impacts.  It has great tensile strength while still being flexible.  Traditional fiberglassing methods are very toxic and produce large amounts of volatile organic compound (VOC's) which are known carcinogens and significant contributors to air pollution.  While strong, the product can also be somewhat brittle and prone to cracking.  The Bolt's body is make from a combination of 100% organic hemp cloth and a bio-based resins derived from plants such as pine, and soy.  The raw materials for the resins are also certified renewable and resourced.  In addition, we were able to find pigment for the plant based gelcoat (the initial layer of resin that gets sprayed into the mold and becomes the outer, visible surface) that comes in over 100 colors!  We love these resins.  No masks required, no hazardous waste and no environmentally damaging VOCs.  As a matter of fact, some of it is derived from other manufacturing processes as waste product, so it puts back into use something that would otherwise go to waste.  Another way to be a part of the solution.