We're excited to report on the new doors we've had made! After trying for many months to produce hard doors that will seal well against the rain, while still remaining fairly lightweight and attractive, we've decided to use vinyl doors instead. We're glad we did. As it turns out they look great too and provide much more functionality:

-they weigh almost nothing

-quiets the interior

-they are always there when needed, but can rolled up out of sight

-the heavy duty zipper travels around the door frame to allow for adjustable venting

-you don't have to worry about scratching them when removing

-they don't take up any space when stowed (rolled up under roof)

-large, zippered window allows for great visibility and more venting options

We'll be working on a few adjustments to them such as hiding the snaps, and allowing it to roll up a little further out of sight, but we are very pleased with them.

Door down

Door down

Door up

Door up