Evolution of the interior...

It's official, the Bolt is a multi-passenger vehicle!  We've configured the original cargo area into one that can be for carrying cargo only, such as 5-6 bags of groceries, or easily fold down into a smaller cargo space and bench seat.  The cargo space is still generous and the bench seat can seat a passenger the size of a medium adult (approx. 5' 10").  It could also seat two small children.  The total passenger/cargo weight can be up to approx. 300lbs. 

In addition, we are very excited about the "Trim Package" we are creating for the interior.  We are using various lightweight materials that are comfortable, sound reducing and aesthetically pleasing.  We want the interior to look as great as the exterior and to be a "soft space" that is very comfortable to ride in.  This includes headliner cloth, auto carpeting, layers of sound dampening materials and interior led lighting for night riding. 

Lastly, we are very pleased with the design of the dashboard.  We are currently using brushed/polished aluminum which will hold any switches not located on the handlebar, a voltmeter and have space to hold a smartphone.  It also does a wonderful job of hiding all of the steering and electronic components.  In the future, we will be exploring wood versions such as bird's eye maple and bamboo.

Look for photos within the next 4 weeks!