Post Kickstarter

It’s been 2 months since our successful Kickstarter campaign and there has been a lot of activity and more PEBL sales since then:

1. We are happy to announce that we will be moving into our new production space in South Deerfield, MA in November! With easy access to I-91, a large parking area and quiet rural roads, it will make it much easier for folks to come and take a PEBL for a test ride. In addition, the large, open space will allow us to quickly ramp up production once we have all the necessary components in place, and our lease allows us to double our size at any time in the future. 
2. Our new molds should be ready to start producing beautiful, glossy bodies by the end of November. This is over a month later than we had anticipated, but the end result will be worth the delay. 
3. Once we have pulled the first body out of the new molds, we will be able to get a finalized frame to our fabricator. We need to wait on that first body to ensure that the contact points between the body and the frame match perfectly. They should then be able to start delivering our custom frames to us before the end of the year. 
4. While we are awaiting the frames, we will start producing the bodies, which will allow is to begin assembling PEBLs as soon as the frames arrive. This means we should be able to start shipping in January!

After we have moved into our new space and production is under way, we will be posting more photos and updates. In addition, we will start creating helpful videos on how best to ride and maintain your PEBL.

We are so excited to get the PEBL out there on the road in so many places (CA, OR, KY, CO, ME, WA, IA, TX, VA, NY, MA, Canada…), and to be offering a healthy alternative to driving.

We have received many inquiries from Europe and we are planning on designing an EU friendly drivetrain next year, possibly before the summer.

Thank you again for your support, we would not have been able to do it without you!

The team.