Specs, Standards and Options

The Bolt comes standard with many unique features to make your ride as fun, functional and comfortable as possible.  We realize too that different climates and styles of riding require different options, so we have lots of those too!

Standard on very Bolt:

The frame and components:

  • Aluminum frame
    • Lightweight and very corrosion resistant
  • Full suspension
    • We feel this is a must in recumbent riding.  On a regular bike, you can cushion the bumps with your legs, but in a recumbent, your legs are in front of you, so without suspension, especially in the rear, every bump will be absorbed by your spine instead.
  • Sturmey Archer 90mm drum brake hubs up front, Avid BB7 disc with 200mm rotor in the back

    • Sturmey Archer's oversized drum brakes are practically maintenance free and these hubs are designed specifically for recumbents.  We also put an oversized disc brake rotor on the rear wheel for incredible stopping power.
  • 24 inch wheels all around
  • Sturmey Archer 8 speed internal rear hub
    • The originator of internally geared hubs, Sturmey Archer offers very reliable, beautiful brushed aluminum hubs.  Their 8 speed has a very wide range, eliminating the need for additional gearing at the pedals and allowing more room on the handlebars with their grip shifter.  Makes you ride much less complicated.  We also offer the option of the Nuvinci 360 hub, with "infinite" gearing for an even more effortless shifting experience.

The electronics:

  • Programmable 500-800 brushless mid-drive motor

    • Mid drive motor refers to a motor that is not in the hub.  This allows for much better torque (hill climbing ability).  The wattage and top speed (rpm) is also programmable.  Each Bolt comes with a USB cord to connect to your laptop so that you can adjust the wattage of the motor, the top speed and other parameters if you like.  Each state has it's own laws around what is legal for an electric assist bicycle; the federal limit is under 750 watts and 20 mph by motor alone, so we've factory set those at 740 and 19.5.  Your state may be different and allow for more or less, so if you decide to change the parameters, be sure to keep it legal.
  • LiFePO4 battery
    • The Bolt comes standard with a 48 volt 10 amph lithium-iron-phosphate (LiFePO4) battery that on flat roads provides up to 10 miles of continuous riding without using the pedals.  LiFePO4 batteries are one of the safest, reliable, lightweight types of batteries available without being cost prohibitive.  The battery and charger are stowed out of sight and charging is done with an external extension cord that plugs into a port in the back.  We also offer an optional built in retractable 15 foot power cord to plug into a wall outlet.  The charger and battery pack can be removed easily for inside charging also.  We also offer additional battery power for ranges of up to 50 miles or even more with pedaling.
  • LCD display, buttons for reverse, cruise control, pedal assist mode lighting, turn signals all mounted on the handlebar
    • The LCD displays your speed, miles, and everything else you'd find on a typical cyclometer
    • Would you drive a car without reverse?  On a small recumbent bike, using your feet is effective for backing up, but in a velomobile, backing up like Fred Flintstone isn't very fun, and of course, the Bolt has a floor, so our drivetrain offers the ability to go backwards with the press of a button. Now we're talkin'!
    • Cruise control, on a bike?  This is a feature you'd expect to find on a car!  This is particularly helpful if you have long, flat stretch of road.  When you're at your desired speed, simply press the button and the controller will keep the motor going at that speed.  To turn it off, you simply press the button again, or apply the brakes, or use the throttle
    • pedal assist sensor.  Somewhat similar to cruise control.  This allows you to control how much you want the motor to assist you.  Choose a setting, then start pedaling.  The motor will assist you at whatever level you set it to, allowing you to keep a certain cadence and not worry about the throttle
    • Full lighting all around.  Powerful 15 watt LED headlights up front, multiple red LED's all around for great night visibility.  There's also interior lighting and turn signals and a horn
  • Voltmeter, keyed power switch on the dashboard
    • There's a dashboard too?  Yes indeed and you can even get it in bird's eye maple or bamboo!  On it are a keyed power switch and a voltmeter.  We found that the standard battery meter on most ebikes is very inadequate, so we've installed a very precise voltmeter in your dashboard so that you can more accurately keep track of your battery's charge.
  • Motion sensitive alarm
    • While the Bolt is a truly unique looking vehicle that would be very difficult to steal and not have it be found, the controller has a built in alarm that will detect any motion when activated.  There are also services that will allow you to track your vehicle should it become stolen.  We found one for about $70 per year.  Contact us for more information.
  • Regenerative braking
    • Recharges the battery when you brake, especially going down a steep hill.

The body:

  • Made from plants

    • One of the very unique features of the Bolt is it's body.  Besides it's distinctive styling, it's also made from plants.  We spent hundreds of hours coming up with a combination of materials that would be good for us and the planet, and still provide a lightweight, strong and durable shell that is very forgiving to bumps and impacts.  Traditional fiberglassing methods are very toxic and produce large amounts of volatile organic compound (VOC's) which are known carcinogens and significant contributors to air pollution.  While strong, the product can also be somewhat brittle and prone to cracking.  The Bolt's body is make from a combination of 100% organic hemp cloth and a bio-based resin derived from plants such as pine and soy.  The raw materials for the resins are also certified renewable and resourced.  they are co-products or waste products of other industrially important processes and do not complete with food sources or displace food-based agriculture.  Farmers are our friends.

  • Fully enclosed
    • We live in western MA.  we know about varying seasons.  We want to ride our Bolts all year.  The Bolt comes standard with a floor, wheel wells and removable and stowable doors to make it fully enclosed.  The doors have a sliding window for ventilation, or to simply talk to that person that's really curious about your vehicle.  They simply lift off their hinges if you want to remove them and they easily stow behind the seat in a way that won't block your visibility out the back.  This feature, combined with an optional sliding sunroof, create a tremendous sense of freedom when Bolting in the warmer weather.
  • Trunk lid with gas lifters
    • Besides being fun and looking really cool, they keep the trunk open when loading it and ease it back down when closing.
  • Lots of cargo space
    • The Bolt can carry up to 6 bags of groceries in the rear, plus there's more room up front.  The rear cargo space has two levels, so you can stash and lock things below you'd rather not have visible.  With rider, the Bolt can carry up to 300 lbs.
  • Really cool looking mirrors
    • Black, metal, fully adjustable mirrors that give a full view of what's behind you, without sticking out too far.
  • Available in over 100 colors
    • A virtual rainbow of colors available.  We offer 10 standard colors, but as an option, we offer almost any color you like!









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