Frequently Asked Questions

  • Do you have to pedal?

No, the PEBL is pedal assist, and can fully function without you needing to wrinkle your suit.  You can pedal as much or as little as you want, or not at all.  You can get to work without working up a sweat and then get a workout on the way home if you like.  The PEBL also comes standard with cruise control, so when you get to a desired speed, hit the cruise button, and the controller makes the motor perform at that speed. Then you can take your thumb off the throttle and simply shift gears as needed while pedaling.  It shuts off when you apply the brake.

  • Do I need to use the motor?

    You can pedal without the motor to get started and for short distances if you like, but for more than a mile or two you will need to use the motor. Human power output pedaling is about 250 watts and the motor is 750 watts, so it would be difficult to sustain pedaling without the motor for long distances. That doesn't mean you can't get a great workout if you want though. By using the gearing for the pedaling, you can dial in to whatever amount of force you want to apply with your legs to get exercise and extend the battery range.

  • How many people can the PEBL carry?

With a convertible bench seat behind the driver's seat, the PEBL can carry riders and cargo up to 325 lbs total. Combinations could include: A large adult and a  teenager, two medium adults, an adult and two small children.

  • Can I carry my groceries with the PEBL?

Yes, the PEBL can fit eight bags of groceries.

  • What is the PEBL's range?

With the standard lithium battery, on a flat road, the PEBL can go about 25 miles on a single charge without pedal assistance.  This can be greatly increased by using the pedals without much effort, particularly to get started and up hills. We live in a very hilly part of Western MA and with moderate pedaling we get over 30 miles on a single charge.  We offer additional battery power for 50, 75, 100 miles on a single charge.  Full charging of the standard 48 volt 16 amph battery takes 2.5-3 hours.

  • What colors can I get?

The PEBL comes standard in three colors; red, green and orange. As an optional extra you have the choice of just about any color you may think of!

  • Do I need to insure it?

Under federal law, the PEBL is classified as an ebike, and no insurance is required, but it is important that you check your state and/or local laws to be sure the PEBL is legal where you live.

  • What if I need to back up?

The PEBL comes standard with reverse.  We believe we're past the days of Fred Flintstone, so no need to use your feet to go backwards.  The reverse switch is on the handlebar so go ahead, make that K turn.  The PEBL does have a very tight turning radius though and you can make a 180 degree turn on most roads.

  • What about riding in cold or inclement weather?

We live in New England, so we know about changes in weather, and we want, and assume you do too, the ability to use your PEBL year round.  Do you only commute to work half the year?  The PEBL comes standard with a floor and can be fully enclosed with zippered doors and a removable heel well under the pedals.  We even offer an optional heater.   For the warmer weather,  the doors easily roll up and tuck away and the heel well under the pedals is easily removable to create a very open, breezy interior while you are riding.

  • How is the PEBL on hills?

We live on Long Hill Rd, a very long and steep road and the PEBL was designed on that road. While we can't guarantee that the PEBL will make it up every hill out there, our high torque, internally geared, mid drive motor can sustain steep climbing for several miles continuously.