Technical Specifications

The PEBL comes standard with many unique features to make your ride as fun, functional and comfortable as possible.  We realize that different climates and styles of riding require different options, so we have those too!  

Standard on the PEBL:

Frame and Components:

  • Aluminum frame

    • Lightweight and very corrosion resistant

  • Standard rear suspension

    • We feel this is a must in recumbent riding. On a regular bike, you can cushion the bumps with your legs, but in a recumbent, your legs are in front of you, so without suspension, especially in the rear, every bump will be absorbed by your spine and payload instead.

  • Sturmey Archer 90mm drum brake hubs up front, Avid BB7 disc with 200mm rotor in the back

    • Sturmey Archer's oversized drum brakes are practically maintenance free and these hubs are designed specifically for recumbents. We also put an oversized disc brake rotor on the rear wheel for incredible stopping power.

  • 24 inch double walled alloy rims with heavy duty spokes and extra wide, cushiony, Kenda 2.3 inch tires all around.

    • We also offer wider rims and 3" cruiser tires as an option for an even softer ride.

  • Sturmey Archer 8 speed internally geared rear hub

    • The originator of internally geared hubs, Sturmey Archer offers very reliable, beautiful, brushed aluminum hubs.  Their 8 speed has a very wide range, eliminating the need for additional gearing at the pedals and allowing more room on the handlebars with their grip shifter.  Makes your ride much less complicated.  


  • 750 watt, internally geared, brushless mid-drive motor

    • Mid drive motor refers to a motor that is not in the hub.  This allows for much better torque (hill climbing ability).  The motor is also internally geared, providing even more torque. We also offer an optional “OFF ROAD” mode that boosts that up to 1500 watts for off road/private property use.

  • Lithium ion battery

    • The PEBL comes standard with a 48 volt 16 ah lithium-ion battery that on flat roads at 70 degrees F and an approximately 150 lb rider provides up to 20- 30 miles of continuous riding without using the pedals. We live in very hilly terrain and we get 30+ miles with moderate pedaling. Of course safety, weight and longevity are always questions with batteries. Our batteries are one of the safest, longest lasting, lightweight types of batteries available on an eBike with an expected cycle life of 1000 full cycles. The battery and charger are stowed out of sight and charging is done with an extension cord that pulls out from a port in the back. The charger and battery pack can also be easily removed for inside charging. Charging one fully discharged battery takes 2.5-3 hours. We also offer additional battery power for ranges of 50 and 75 miles with battery upgrades, 100 miles with the PEBL 100, and of course even more miles when you start to pedal!

  • Buttons for reverse, cruise control, lighting, turn signals and horn all mounted on the handlebar

    • Would you drive a car without reverse? On a small recumbent bike, using your feet is effective for backing up, but in a velomobile, backing up like Fred Flintstone isn't very fun, and of course, the PEBL has a floor, so our drivetrain offers the ability to go backwards with the press of a button. Now we're talkin'!

    • Cruise control, on a bike? This is a feature you'd expect to find on a car! This is particularly helpful if you have a long, flat stretch of road. When you're at your desired speed, simply press the button, take your thumb off the throttle, and the controller will keep the motor going at that speed. To turn it off, you simply press the button again, or apply the brakes.

    • Full lighting all around. Powerful 18 watt LED headlights up front, 5 red LED lights all around for great night visibility. There's also turn signals, brake lights, a horn and optional interior lighting.

  • Keyed power switch, USB charger and digital voltmeter on the dashboard

    • There's a dashboard too? Yes, the dash has on it a keyed power switch, USB charger and a voltmeter. We found that the standard battery meter on most ebikes is very inadequate, so we've installed a very precise voltmeter in your dashboard so that you can more accurately keep track of your battery's charge. It's like a gas gauge in your car. The keyed power switch helps to prevent theft and you can charge your phone with the USB port. You can also add up to two 12 volt auxilliary ports and switches for On road/Off road, windshield wiper and heater.


  • Cloth interior

    • To increase comfort and reduce noise, we've lined the entire interior of the body with soft cloth, including the cargo space. We know of no other velomobile that does this and it makes a tremendous difference in your riding experience. Would you like being in your car if it was all bare metal inside?

  • Polycarbonate windshield

    • The polycarbonate (Lexan) windshield is virtually unbreakable and is very lightweight.

  • Trunk lid with gas lifters

    • Besides being fun and looking really cool, they keep the trunk open when loading it and ease it back down when closing.

  • Rear passenger seat and lots of cargo space

    • The PEBL can carry 6-8 bags of groceries. The rear cargo space has two levels, so you can stash things below you'd rather not have visible. With riders and cargo, the PEBL can carry up to 325 lbs.

    • The PEBL also comes standard with a rear bench seat that can hold an adult up to 5'11" or 2-3 small kids.

  • Really cool looking mirrors

    • Metal, fully adjustable classic car style mirrors that give a full view of what's behind you, without sticking out too far.

  • Available in many colors

    • A virtual rainbow of colors available. We offer 3 standard colors (red, orange, green) but as an option, we offer almost any color you like!


  • Length: 102"

  • Width: 48"

  • Height: 59"

  • Weight: 230 lbs