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Handmade With the Essence of Sustainability

Since 2013, we have been developing, and now producing, the PEBL within our rural shop in Leverett Massachusetts. With our dedication to quality, comfort and reliability, we can ensure that each PEBL that comes out of our shop is up to the standards that you the customer deserve.
When we began to design the PEBL, one of our goals was to not only make a vehicle that was low emissions and healthy to use, but to also be sure that the body was made out of materials that are easy on the planet, low or no VOC, non-toxic and from resourced and/or recycled materials whenever possible. Traditional fiberglassing uses very toxic resins that off-gas a tremendous amount of VOC's into the atmosphere and the glass cloth can also be hazardous to work with.  To avoid that, we spent hundreds of hours experimenting with different materials.  The result is an incredibly strong, lightweight, and very forgiving body made from 100%  hemp cloth and a plant based resin that is available in dozens of colors.  We think you'll appreciate the effort.